Changing the world, in a little piece

Being a politician is not an easy job. You sacrifice both your private and public life. You also receive criticism that will mostly drag your confidence down. Falsely written stories will appear in the tabloids, making your family and yourself humiliated. 

To be honest when I moved to Korea I had no clue on what profession I would like to achieve. After a while I became interested in History. Eventually this grew my passion for politics.

After having lived in Korea for more than one year, I am still positively surprised how students are so hard working and positive. Norway, a small country in northern Europe, is lacking a well developed educational system, which I find quite embarrassing since Norway is reasonably wealthy. 

I hope to one day achieve my goal to become a politician so I can reform the educational system in Norway into a more developed one. I will take all my knowledge that I have learned and put it into practice to hopefully reform Norway's education system for the